The Perfect Day


Just the other time I had the perfect day

In my quaint little house, in my quaint little way

The rain was heavy and it was cold outside

In utter contrast to the snug and warmth inside

I had put on some music and build up a fire

I swayed and sang to my heart’s desire

Thereafter I laid down with a beautiful book

Reading romantic stories in my peaceful nook

The ambience moved me and soon I was in tears

Letting go of the emotions I build up from all those years

Sipping on my hot chocolate I realized I hadn’t missed anyone

Even without my friends I was having as much fun

I always thought “me time” was just a stupid notion

Never thought I’d find peace away from all the commotion

What I found that day I urge you all to find

Give a gift to yourself, a perfect day to unwind

–  freaky geek 



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