Love At First Sight

As I was walking down the road,

I laid my eyes on you

My whole world stopped

As you revoked feelings anew


There you were before my eyes

Wild, untamed and free

The tempestuous spirit of your soul

Called out to the wild spirit in me


You Spread happiness

Wherever you went

Capturing my heart instantly

Like an unannounced event


You were humming melodies

That captured my attention

Giving comfort to me and

Releasing all my tension


I postponed all matters

To spend some time with you

My heart danced without a reason

As I smiled without a clue


Even though our shared moments

Brought us together

I knew this wasn’t lasting

As you couldn’t be chained by a tether


Loving you from a distance

I felt a happiness I had never found

The realisation that I’ve never

Experienced this left me astound


As I got up to leave

I saw you smile, bright and plain

And like many others you had entranced

I fell in love with you all over again


PS : It wasn’t a someone, rather a something that inspired me to write these words. Precisely a river. This is dedicated to that wonderful afternoon by the river, forever etched in my memory!

 freaky geek






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