What I Should’ve Said

Looking back on my life now I realize it’s filled with regrets

Always wanting to say something more, it is full of verbal debts


That time when she helped me

Helped me earn my bread

“Thank you for your help dear!”

That’s what I should’ve said


That time when he was there for me

When my mind was filled with dread

“I couldn’t have done this without you”

That’s what I should’ve said


Her words brought me to the ground

When I let success get to my head

“You are the reason I succeed every time”

That’s what I should’ve said


When I grappled with loss & failure

Holding my hand tears they shed

“I love you very much I hope you know that”

That’s what I should’ve said


Today I look back and see many things left unsaid

But each tomorrow the list will shrink, with every word I spread

It’s important to say the right words and it’s important to say them today

For when you realize, it is far too late and that time has slipped away




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