Music is Magic

Can you hear that music my friend ?

The chords and the keys soothing to the end

It doesn’t have any words, just a tune

Like a soft breeze on a sunny afternoon

Can you hear it ?

In the splatter of the rain

In the rumbling of a train

In the echoing of the mountains

In the bubbling of the fountains

In the whistling of the trees

And the buzzing of the bees

In the chirping of the birds

And the stampede of the herds

The wind whispers a note, the river joins in euphony

The sun shines its bright song, under the sky’s scrutiny

Finally, the moon emerges, adding its own allure

And the harmony culminates in a melody so beautiful and so pure

Don’t ignore that faint chord for nothing is more tragic

Just open your ears and listen because music is magic


–  freakygeek 


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