The die has been cast

The time to prepare has passed

This is the only respite you have, maybe the last

So for now, rest your soul, wanderer

Out there, for you, a new battle awaits

You’ve to tread on unknown paths, bearing entangled fates

But you can pause for a moment here, put down all the weights

For now, rest your soul, wanderer

Glance back and see how far you’ve come

Trudging through the harshest of times, never once being glum

Conquered all the defeats, failures, victories and then some

But empty your cup now and just rest your soul, wanderer

Know that your journey was not a waste

The chronicles of your exploits will never be erased

Count assets you have with you, don’t think about those you merely chased

Start gearing up for the new road, while you rest your soul, wanderer

Check that your knowledge and wisdom are still intact

The skills and experience you earned from all these years, have you packed ?

The excitement, fear and magic are in abundance, those you never lacked

Stop for a breath before leaving, for after this, there’s no rest for your soul, wanderer

– freaky geek 


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