Him and Her

He is unadorned, strict and made of blinding light

Arriving unbidden at times, he can move mountains with his might

His unrelenting ways make him an hermit almost austere

You may have heard of him, they call him “Truth” here and there

Gentle are Her ways, gentler still her heart

She holds your hand in darkness, dutifully plays her part

She brings with her promises and beautiful dreams in tow

Yes, that accommodating one! Her name’s “Hope”, didn’t you know ?

Both may be as disparate as is the night to the day

But when they work in harmony, they keep your grief at bay

While His harsh demeanor, guards you from deceptions

She bestows her good faith on everyone, without exceptions

Though they may never meet, they work in perfect accord

While He can’t stay where She resides, ignoring each other, they can’t afford

She learns about his discipline, He adopts her softer ways

While you may run to Hope for comfort, when Truth stares you right in the eyes, you cannot avert his gaze

They are like the two banks of a river, two reflections of a mirror

There can’t be Hope without Truth, as there can’t be a him without a her

For even though, the Truth enlightens you & guides you to the light

You need the hand of Hope to get you through the night

freaky geek 


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