Perfect Blemishes

You complain that your body’s not perfect

How out of shape you were the last time you checked

Worry etched on your face, as you look for another defect

Why worry about the broken shell, when your soul just shines through

You with your foibles and erratic quirks

Dodging people’s looks and avoiding their smirks

Walking on your own path amidst all the fireworks

Why care for the gossip when your mind is unsullied and true

You claim that you can hear the wind speak

Trees whistle to you and the rivers sing in Greek

You keep your magic hidden as you don’t want to be a β€œfreak”

Don’t sweat the judgemental glances, spread your wings and just fly through

Maybe you are shy and can’t talk to other folks

Covering up situations with mildly funny jokes

Your social awkwardness has everyone laughing in strokes

Why hassle about the etiquette, when your ideas shine through

You say that you’re flawed, imperfect for this world

Afraid to fly, you keep your wings tightly furled

Remember of the time, when on top of the clouds you whirled

Why worry about the society, when you’re perfect just being you


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